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If the IRS is auditing you for unpaid taxes, you don’t need to go it alone. The IRS has notoriously complex regulations. In addition, they’re relentless in their pursuit of your tax dollars. As a result, if the IRS audits your taxes, you need professional IRS representation services. We have the experience, tax knowledge, professionalism, and expertise that can help our clients resolve their federal tax payment issues.

Tax Penalty Abatement: Knowing Your Rights

Tax penalty abatement is a way that you can discharge your back taxes for pennies on the dollar. You may be eligible for abatement if you failed to file your tax return, pay your taxes on time, or pay the amount of taxes required. However, you can’t just file for abatement without cause. Instead, the IRS reserves this service for circumstances outside of your control. You need to prove that you have a reasonable cause, administrative permission, or some other sort of exemption. In addition, the IRS recognizes that everyone deserves a second chance. Therefore, the first time you file for abatement, the IRS will automatically grant your request.

Filing for tax penalty abatement can be a complicated process that the layman can’t complete. However, it’s a fairly routine service for a firm that specializes in IRS representation. Therefore, you can trust C&G Tax Services to guide you through the process. We can also offer advice on whether or not to apply for tax abatement in the first place. If it’s not appropriate for your situation, we can give you a number of other options that can alleviate your tax burden.

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Do You Have a Federal Tax Payment Issue? Let Us Help You Resolve It

If you need a firm with the professionalism, reliability, and knowledge to successfully represent you in an IRS audit, call C&G Tax Service. We’ve proven our experience over more than three decades as one of the most trusted firms in the Tomball, TX area. Therefore, don’t wait. Your tax issues won’t go away if you ignore them – in fact, they’ll get worse. Call C&G Tax Service today to see how much you could save.

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